Fitness Without Breaking the Bank: Affordable Prices at Gym Men!

Fixed Price List for Gym Men:


  1. Monthly Membership:

   – Standard Membership: $60 per month

   – Premium Membership: $80 per month


  1. Annual Membership:

   – Standard Membership: $600 per year

   – Premium Membership: $800 per year


  1. Short-Term Membership:

   – 3-Month Membership: $180

   – 6-Month Membership: $300


  1. Joining Fee: $50 (one-time fee for new members)

Discounts at Gym Men :


  1. Student Discount:

   – Enjoy a discounted membership rate for students with a valid student ID. Stay fit and save while pursuing your education.


  1. Corporate Memberships:

   – We offer discounted membership rates for corporate groups or organizations. Stay healthy and active together with your colleagues.


  1. Family Discounts:

   – Families who join Gym Men together can avail special discounted rates. Stay fit as a family and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Senior Discounts:

   – We offer discounted rates for senior citizens. Stay active, strong, and healthy at a reduced cost.


  1. Referral Program:

   – Refer a friend or family member to Gym Men and receive a discount on your membership. Sharing fitness with your loved ones has never been more rewarding.


  1. Special Promotions:

   – Keep an eye out for our special promotions throughout the year. We periodically offer discounted rates, membership upgrades, or additional services at reduced prices.

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